Meet the Campbell Family from Apple Valley

Introducing our vibrant community engagement project, “All 99,” initiated in March 2023 to shine a spotlight on the diverse photographers, families, and neighborhoods of Birmingham. This project is a celebration of our city’s unique communities, capturing portraits of Birmingham Talks program alumni in each of Birmingham’s 99 neighborhoods. With 21 families photographed thus far, we will ultimately  create an inspiring installation of portraits that beautifully represents the rich fabric of our beloved city.

Meet Tiffany and Gnilaeh Campbell from Apple Valley, whose participation in the Start program strengthened their bond. Tiffany, initially introverted, found the program’s communication tips invaluable for daily conversations with Gnilaeh. Tiffany hopes to provide Gnilaeh with the tools she needs to navigate life’s challenges successfully. 

One of the family’s favorite aspects of their neighborhood is the sense of community. Knowing their neighbors and cultivating relationships adds a special warmth to their daily lives. The photographer for the Campbell portrait is Lex Soul. 

We’re excited to share a glimpse into the Campbell Family’s story and the countless others that make up the vibrant fabric of Birmingham. Keep an eye on our social media channels and website for more captivating portraits and inspiring tales from the heart of our city.