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Mission & History

Small Magic supports the future stability and prosperity of our community by focusing on our most precious resource: our children. Our innovative programs embrace cutting-edge technology and the deep involvement of parents and teachers to ensure all the children in our community are prepared for kindergarten and a lifetime of economic mobility. Research shows that the earliest support for kids can have the most positive and cost-effective lifelong impact.

Providence, Rhode Island launches “Providence Talks” as part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge.

An in-depth, evidence-based program assessment showed very promising results.

Bloomberg Philanthropies commits to replicating the program in 5 cities across the U.S., including Birmingham.

Birmingham Talks launches and is selected as partner of Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education.

Birmingham Talks serves 93 children and 2 childcare centers in our first year.

Birmingham Talks serves 539 children and 11 childcare centers in our second year.

Birmingham Talks receives a historic, seven-figure municipal investment from the City of Birmingham to provide early literacy initiatives.

Birmingham Talks offers the Start program to Spanish-speaking families, adding it to our full-time program roster.

Birmingham Talks serves 665 children and 13 childcare centers in our third year of operation.

Birmingham Talks grows from a team of four to a team of eight to meet the increasing demand for our programs.

Birmingham Talks pilots our first new initiative, Phonics Power, a science-based, reading preparation program for preschoolers.

Birmingham Talks launches the Parents for Change Fellowship, empowering families to become early literacy facilitators in their communities.

Birmingham Talks serves 900+ children and 21 childcare centers in our fourth year.

The organization introduces a new name, Small Magic, to honor our growth, our expanded vision, and deepening community impact.

Birmingham Talks continues operations as the flagship initiative of Small Magic and is on track to serve over 1,200 children in our fifth year.