Family Spotlight: Meeting the Kimbers from Crestline

Building Legacy and Community Through Early Communication

In our latest feature of the All 99 initiative, we are thrilled to introduce the Kimber family from the Crestline neighborhood. The Kimber family’s journey with Small Magic’s Birmingham Talks program highlights the profound effects early communication can have on family dynamics and individual child development.

Mother to Nehemiah (5) and Malachi (1 1/2), Ebone shares her heartfelt story of how Birmingham Talks influenced her family’s life. “Participating in Birmingham Talks opened doors for a shift in our family dynamics,” she explains. For Nehemiah, who is selectively verbal, the program was particularly transformative. It helped Ebone set aside her own expectations to meet her boys where they were, enhancing communication in ways that support Nehemiah’s unique needs.

The family’s recent move to Crestline was driven by a desire for proximity to essential services, including daycare, work, and outdoor recreational spaces. “The closeness is important to me,” Mrs. Kimber notes, highlighting the ease of access to a park and their church, which are instrumental in building a new community for the family.

Ebone’s vision for her children is deeply rooted in a desire for them to grow into confident adults who love and serve others. Stories like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” are not just bedtime tales for the Kimbers; they are tools for learning and bonding.

The neighbors in Crestline have welcomed the Kimbers warmly, something they cherish compared to their previous neighborhood. This support network is invaluable, reinforcing the importance of community in nurturing a supportive environment for children.

Through programs like Birmingham Talks, families like the Kimbers are finding new ways to communicate and connect, laying strong foundations for their children’s futures. At Small Magic, we are honored to play a part in these life-changing stories and to witness the legacy of faith, communication, and community unfold one family at a time.

Photographer: Charity Rachelle